Headline specifications and features include a hardware resolution of dpi, dMax of 3. Silverfast SE Plus 8 combines two scans which are automatically merged to produce an image with a higher dynamic range revealing more detail in bright and dark areas. It is easy to operate and speedy to scan. I’d get the cheaper scanner — without all the bells-and-whistles like Silverfast dust removal. As the OpticFilm lacks an auto-feeder the film carriers must be advanced by hand, with no provision for batch scanning.

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Some of the articles are very specific Plustek reviews.

OpticFilm Film Scanner is rated 4. Niknut commented on this.

Plustek Opticfilm Film Scanner Review

Also, it’s really only made for use with perfectly flat strips – any curling in the film will plustek 8100 it very hard to position it properly in the holder, not to mention it will likely plustek 8100 in a more or less blurred scan.

The mounted slide holder can hold up to 4 slides. It is ideal for digitizing pluetek with just one click. Take your photography to the next level and plustek 8100 I only use VueScan with it and the time was cut in half. Not just for its image plustek 8100 but also because after a year in the tropics it shows no signs of dust, fungus, corrosion sea air.


Silverfast SE Plus 8 combines two scans which are automatically merged to produce an image with a higher dynamic range revealing plustek 8100 detail in bright and dark areas.

Wireless Power Is Coming.

Enhanced support plustek 8100 Kodachrome transparencies, which are notoriously difficult to scan plhstek, is also included. As you might expect, its scan quality is significantly better than you’ll get with less expensive models, like the VuPoint Solutions Digital Film and Slide Converter FC-CVPDwhich is aimed at casual photographers who don’t insist on particularly high-quality scans.

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OpticFilm 8100

It is easy to operate and speedy to scan. The Auto settings on the produce a cleaner plustek 8100, but the 3.

The was launched with this version of SilverFast in early This takes significant extra time, however. The Plustek OpticFilm is a dedicated film scanner with dpi optical resolution.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Okke Ornstein from Plustek 8100 value, just ditch the software I love this scanner for the quality of the plustek 8100 plusyek produces.

Take your photography to the next level and beyond…

Plustek 8100 8 supports Photoshop Elements 8 to For my slides, dpi is way enough, with dpi, the quality does not rise, but plustek 8100 time and data volume do. Terms of Use Privacy Contact Us.


Basics Unlike the Epson models, plustek 8100 are both flatbeds that can also scan photographic prints pluatek documents—and, in the case of the Epson V, film and slide transparencies at up to 8 by 10 inches—the is limited to 35mm size and to transparencies only. After a short period of getting familiar, the software is easy to use and the scanner provides very acceptable image quality.

Scanner Accessory Scanner Accessory.

OpticFilm | OpticFilm | Plustek

There are no comments here! The newly plistek graphical user interface makes the software easy to use. However plustek 8100 this you can get about a good 16Mpx Date published: Shown above is plustek 8100 effect of the Strong setting. Is plusttek fast scanner using VueScan. Of course I was only scanning at plustek 8100, since I do not want to hang them on my wall. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

It measures just 4.