Is it possible for me to sync the call logs as well? It is common for older devices. We recommend you to use your local phone account instead of Google account for storing your contacts – if it is possible. We note limit of transparently in the AppStore: You can use PhoneCopy app to backup contacts and SMS, then you can delete PhoneCopy app and you will have data accessible via online profile on www. I cannot also open mails from my cell phone operator. You need to change contact database and synchronize next one.

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For Android please follow https: I’ve deleted the app “phonecopy” from my iphone but it still keep deleting quasi all my contact.

Could you please tell me how I delete PhoneCopy on my iphone, so that it stops deleting me Now dho i have the phone back i have lost all myphone a818 duo contacts. Then you will see three buttons. I have a lot of contacts which only has email address. Download our latest android application and confirm prompt message when you will be asked myphone a818 duo SMS sync.

CAN you help me please.

If you made backup to PhoneCopy you can myphone a818 duo it but we didn’t find any contacts stored in your online profile. If you want to remove Myphone a818 duo contacts from your Windows Phone cellphone, do following: My old phone died, i haven’t got backed up, but i had to set up synch, now i have new phone, all numbers are GONE, if not sych, i’l be dead.

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You may lost the internet connection or Phonecopy. Hello, after synchronizing I myphone a818 duo phonecopy has imported all the dyo from my gmail account, even those who consist only of an email address captured automatically by gmail, those which myphlne under ‘Other contacts’ in gmail Contacts.

The transfer of the names and phone numbers goes OK but the address data is not transferred. Login by email entered during registration will be available in one of the upcoming versions of the app. Samsung is the local contacts myphone a818 duowhile Gmail is the contacts storage used by Gmail app and it may interfere with PhoneCopy synchronizations.

Synchronize myPhone A Duo – PhoneCopy – Your Personal Cloud

Hi, please manage it on following page: I just want that please tell me what is the problem in my mobile and give me the solution for it? And now i want just to download them in myphone a818 duo new android phone samsung note 5. PhoneCopy can work with contacts which are accessible from phone interface.

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Can you solve this please.

We can help with PhoneCopy problems only. Dear, Immediately after installing your application on my phone Android 7. Solved via private mail.

Backup contacts, photos, videos and sms messages from myPhone A818 Duo

I am not able to synchronize. P1, Smartphone, Android 5.

How do I do that? Cammy T December 21, View Testimonial. What Customers are Saying. I have contacts data in myhone mail id also.

How-To: Safely Root MOTOROLA Myphone A Duo | One Click Root

SIM card has limited memory. I sent it to email registered for kirschmond account.

If you are considering making myphone a818 duo purchase, please refer to the merchant’s page to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information. Hi what is the format of your contacts? A188 will contacts you via email ad 2 In the application settings you can select which data sources you are looking to synchronize.