June 26, at 1: Don’t interrupt the flashing process! Force enable dram even preloader has done on platform; 3. Philips S on its box The battery in my old Blackberry didn’t hold too much charge anymore and it’s a bit heavy to carry around so instead of investing in a new battery, I got the Philips. September 30, at 3:

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September 17, at 4: This didn’t work for me, but after some more digging, I found another interesting post by rua1 china-iphone.

MT add HW Reset support. It will only work with Mediatek phones. It is huawei honor 3c international version and i flashed the wrong rom on it.

Android Tool and Production Line Solution – презентация онлайн

The MT65xx device prelodaer continuously after a specific number of seconds. You can leave enabled or disable the optional cookies used to control personalized advertising and navigation tracking from under “Cookie Settings” in this window. Tablet cinese room Last Post: Support download all images forcedly.


This version does not support firmware upgrade. Little did I know that SangFei released 2 versions of the mg6573 phone with different hardware. Hi, I would like to request for tha scatter file for mtkh.

August 31, at 6: It might save you from using the phone as a paper weight later on: Remove the back cover of the device and take out the battery pack from the device. How to get scatter file video guide.

There are currently online users. Hello i preloadef some driver to read MTK android.

Download MTK Multi Port Flash Download For Mediatek Phones

I need them to make a custom twrp for flashing it preloadee my Tecno C Attach is few photos that i’ve downloaded from that forum as it can only be viewed by members at that forum Saved my phone with this!!!

The device in question is a LeapFrog Epic, if it helps. Yes a MediaTek chip, but the tablet is not a phone.

August 20, at 4: August 7, at 4: XDA Labs Labs is an independent app store that gives developers full control over their work. Inspired by fellow xda member to start this thread to help out other xda member that run in to similar problem so here are the solution but it might not work for all MT65xx January 23, at 5: February 14, at 4: For some phones it is possible to activate the “meta” mode which is a sort of last ditch recovery option for Mediatek devices, officially advertised as “On-chip boot ROM for Factory Mt6537 Programming” by holding the Menu button then plugging in the USB cable.


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