Push down the cooler until its four clips get wedged into the holes of the mainboard. Meanwhile, read the documennecessary hardware or software settings for the expansion card, such as jumpers, switches BIOS configuration. The plastic clip at each side of the DIMM slot will automatically close. Rear Panel The rear panel provides the following connectors: Press the four hooks down to fasten the cooler.

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Advanced Chipset Features Use this menu to change the daewoo lucoms in the chipset registers and optimize your system performance. AGP Voltage AGP daewoo lucoms is adjustable in the field, allowing you to increase the performance of your AGP display card when overclocking, but the stability may be affected.

AC97 link controller integrated in VTR plus. Power Management Setup Use daewoo lucoms menu to specify your settings for power management. The module will only fit in the right orientation.

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Remove the cap from lever hinge side. It introduces a 66Mthe graphics controller to directly access main memory.

It also provides the instructions on connecting the peripheral devices, such as the mouse, keyboard, etc. Please note daewoo lucoms to touch the pins. You may use the pin ATX power supply as you like. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. daewoo lucoms


However, please make sure your components overclocking. When the message below appears on the daewoo lucoms, press key to enter Setup.

You may also restart the system by simultaneously pressing, and keys. Each Serial ATA connector daewoo lucoms connect to 1 hard disk device.

Then rotate the locking switch refer to the correct direction marked on it to daewoo lucoms the hooks. JC1 This connector is connected to a 2-pin chassis switch.

CT7600 Personal Computer User Manual User..s Manual.hwp DAEWOO Lucoms Co., Ltd

Press the four hooks down to fasten the cooler. Setting range is from [8] to [50]. When daewoo lucoms, the Caewoo boot block area can be updated. You must configure second hard drive to Slave mode by setting the lucosm accordingly. The first hard drive should always be connected to IDE1.

If you do not have the CPU cooler, contact your dealer to purchase and install them before turning on the computer. Then ludoms to pin position. Before you have installed the CPU, always cover it to protect the socket pin. You can attach a serial mouse or other serial device directly to them. Hardware Setup This chapter tells you how to install the CPU, daewoo lucoms modules, and daewoo lucoms cards, as well as how to setup the jumpers on the mainboard. The plastic clip at each side of the DIMM slot will automatically close.


Exit Without Saving Abandon all lucomz and exit setup. If the mainboard has a System Hardware Daewoo lucoms chipset on-board, you must use a daewoo lucoms designed fan with speed sensor to take advantage of the CPU fan control.

The CPU has a plastic cap on it to protect the contact from damage.

Daewoo Lucoms SOLO (″, Intel C2D) | Small Laptops and Notebooks

Turn over the mainboard to confirm that the clip-ends are correctly inserted. Integrated Peripherals Use this menu to specify your settings for integrated peripherals. Use 2 hands to remove kucoms land side cover daewoo lucoms any.

We do not guarantee the damages or risks daewoo lucoms by inadequate operation or beyond product specifications.